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Safe in My Own Pierced Skin free essay sample

I was a sophomore and sitting tight for the finish of year, yet additionally wishing that it wouldnt come in light of the fact that my mom was moving endlessly. We didnt have an ideal relationship, yet it was a valuable one. It was a puzzle to me how I would make due without her, or how I would bid farewell. We chose to have a mother-girl day. It was to be a remarkable holding day, and it was. I was dealt with like sovereignty. My mom needed to ensure I was upbeat before she left. That appeared to be outlandish, however, in light of the fact that what she was attempting to make up for was the very thing that was making me troubled. She inquired as to whether there was anything I needed, anything by any stretch of the imagination. Tongue in cheek, I stated, Ive consistently needed an eyebrow ring, anticipating that her should turn me down. At the point when she stated, Okay, we can do that, I didnt realize how to respond, yet it didnt take long for fervor to supplant my vulnerability. We will compose a custom article test on Safe in My Own Pierced Skin or then again any comparative theme explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page At the point when we arrived at a protected, clean piercing spot that I had looked into, my mom requested an eyebrow ring thing for my chula. The man at the counter took a gander at her oddly. I question it was a direct result of the Spanglish, but instead wonder what number of moms go with their little girls for a penetrating? Most likely not very many. My mom checked the devices, the eyebrow ring itself and everything around it. She ensured the noble man put on the cleanest gloves conceivable and utilized the most immaculate needle, despite the fact that they were all in sterile bundling. At the point when it came down to it, my mom couldn't stand to watch. The man clasped the territory that would have been penetrated and out came the particularly clean needle. Presently there was no turning around. He requested that I tally to three. One two It was done before I could complete my commencement. This was an extremely compelling strategy that cut down on my wavering. A couple of seconds after the fact, there it was two brilliant, silver balls associated by a bar standing out of my skin in triumph. Amazing, goodness, stunning! was everything I could state. I practically like it, my mom announced. I dont like the way that a bit of metal standing out of your skin will remind you the amount I love you, yet I practically like it. There I was, strolling home, eyebrow first, thinking this certainly was the day my mom had guaranteed, strange however extraordinary. I got blended responses to my new adornment. My friends were stunned, interested and even confused. Some needed to jab at it, as though it were a deception. I cannot, obviously, not needing anything to taint my moms token. Grown-ups had some adverse responses: You presumably got hepatitis and I dont figure individuals ought to place openings in their bodies that dont have a place there. I generally think, Well, I dont intend to be impolite, however I dont assume you were brought into the world with those metal circles dangling from your ears, right? With so much despise dependent on sex and race, I didnt think there would be space for puncturing segregation. I do assume it transmits a sort of picture, however isnt that a generalization? I have enlightened my mom concerning a few people showing this obliviousness. All things considered, when you attend a university or become an expert, youre must take it out, she prompts. I exceptionally question my penetrating obstructs any of my aptitudes, my capabilities, or my capacities. So for what reason would I need to expel it? Zora Neale Hurston stated, I am not my race, I am me. Indeed, I am not my penetrating or the generalization that accompanies it I am me. I didn't do it as a result of a prevailing fashion. I didn't do it to have a specific picture. I am not furious. I am not a crook. I am neither a poor understudy nor a terrible individual. It is gems like no other, not as a result of its area, but since it is a piece of me and due to what it intends to me. Its an image of the bond between my mom and me, which is something I never need to give up.

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Macbeth and to Kill a Mockingbird Essay

The play Macbeth and the novel to execute a Mockingbird comprise of numerous likenesses, some wherein are more clear than others. Both of these two magnificent written works have the regular subject of trust in equity, comparative characters, and furthermore both the novel and the Shakespearian play have the tension and force in the environment. In the novel to murder a Mockingbird and the play Macbeth, both convey a message of trust in equity. In the novel we see two youngsters being decided upon their physical attributes and the thing others have said about them. Tom Robinson was a man who lived on the opposite side of Maycomb, the side of â€Å"poor and worthless† minorities individuals. The general public of Maycomb jugged him for his shading rather then what Atticus needed to state about him in the court. Another character named Boo Rady was being decided by individuals who lived in the area; kids grew up having this thought of him being a terrifying man who cut his dad i n the leg. Despite the fact that every one of those accounts being advised to Scout and Jem were not precise the local despite everything passed on the tales. Yet, trust in equity was still in that society, the novel finished with scout understanding and acknowledging Boo Radly. Additionally equity was brought to Tom despite the fact that he had been executed by the prison monitors when attempting to get away, the general public idea they had won, yet Tom’s recognition made the network question bias and its evilness towards individuals. The wickedness in the general public had not vanquished in this story, since Tom was so compelling to the network. Presently taking a gander at the play Macbeth, the desire for equity was brought to the play by Macduff. He stud facing Macbeths’ fiendish aspiration and reclaimed what has a place with Malcom. In the novel and the play equity was being overlooked until the closure; where everybody got what they merited. In the play Macbeth and the novel to murder a Mockingbird the characters have distinctive accepts and viewpoint for the existence they live in. Characters, for example, Macduff and Jem live in two diverse timeframe and their ages are altogether different however on the off chance that you take a gander at their ethics and the manner in which they live their life’s we see likenesses. Macduff is a developed man with duties as a dad and a trooper, he’s a man who adores his nation and would effectively shield it from shrewdness, and he likewise goes to bat for what he puts stock in and has the eye that attempts to see the great side of individuals. †¦. In Shakespeare’s â€Å"Macbeth† otherworldly powers make an emotional climate. The play starts with the anticipation of what will Macbeth do with the prophases he has gotten. Certain uncanny likenesses between Tom Robinson and Boo Radley’s lives exist in Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird. Regularly enormous gatherings of individuals misconstrue certain irregular people. Now and again they generalization the individual; different occasions, they just try not to discover reality.

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How to Get Your Point Across to These Five Personality Types

How to Get Your Point Across to These Five Personality Types Do you work in a fast pace environment, maybe a customer service firm, or does your job description involve a lot of contact with people? Do you also find it challenging to communicate with a spouse or a friend without sending the wrong information?If yes, then you would have noticed a particular disparity with peoples personalities. Admittedly, you will agree with me that you cannot use the same method to communicate with people with two different characters. This has led to a series of misunderstandings in corporate workspaces, arguments, and issues between spouses and friends.You should understand that people with different personalities require different ways of communication.Now, we are not talking about language as much as how you present your points.Your thought process, body language, and underlying message all work together to deliver your points to anyone; however, it significantly differs from person to person.That is why we have come up with some helpful ideas that will h elp in communication.However, before we tell you the how, we will tell you the what.WHAT IS PERSONALITY?Personality has to do with a set of balanced, behaviors, emotional, and cognitive patterns that are as a result of environmental and biological factors. It generally has to do with ones interaction with people and the environment.Ones behavior is greatly affected by their personalities; sometimes, it could be learned or could be influenced by habits.However, it is generally stable and will often show up even if it is well guarded.TYPES OF PERSONALITIESPersonality is measured by a series of tests that vary from people to people because of the complexity of character. One such tests are the Big-Five personality traits.Initially proposed by Hippocrates as the four temperaments and further researched thoroughly by series of Psychologists including Lewis Goldberg, who narrowed it, gave it the name Big-Five. Goldberg coined an acronym OCEAN that represents the five different personality traits. They stand for:O â€" Openness to new experiences.C â€" ConscientiousnessE â€" ExtraversionA â€" AgreeablenessN â€" NeuroticismThis test determines your personality traits as an individual and rates you either high or low in each test.Hence, a cumulative score will determine your personality type. Source: WikipediaOpenness to New ExperiencesAs the name implies, if you are very eager to try out new things, highly imaginative, creative, and very curious, then you are part of this category. You will find that you are sensitive to aesthetics and aware of your feelings.Additionally, people with this personality type are sometimes mistaken to be absent-minded more often than not.Unpredictability is another feature of the open-minded individual as people around are often mesmerized by their level of creativity. Also, people with high openness pursue self-fulfillment by engaging in intense mind exerting/physically-exerting activities.Adversely, individuals with low openness gain fulfillment by following the norm and persevering in a specific event that is data-sufficient. They could also be seen as pragmatic, closed-minded, and dogmatic.Here are some questions to answer to rate your level of openness:Do you understand things quickly?Are you very creative?Do you regularly think out of the box and full of ideas?Have you noticed an immense interest in abstractions?Are you fond of using complicated words?If your answer to the above questions were more positive than negative, then you have a high level of openness and vice versa. Openness is usually evenly distributed, with few people scoring extremely high or extremely low.Additionally, individuals with high openness are more politically inclined and expressive than other personality traits.ConscientiousnessThis personality trait is most careful and diligent and desirous to perform well in tasks assigned to them. Efficiency is their watchword as they strive to deliver in an organized manner.If you show a high level of self-discipline, achievement-driven, and lack spontaneity, then you may have a high level of conscientiousness. Also, these individuals may be systematic, elegant, and orderly.Additionally, you may be termed as reliable and hardworking.Whereas, individuals with low conscientiousness usually find it dif ficult to motivate themselves to work on tasks they set out to perform.Generally referred to as go-getters, these individuals plan their actions and days and adhere strictly to the plans.Here are some self-evaluation questions to rate you:Do you always feel prepared?Are you particular about details?Have you noticed exactness when delivering tasks?Do you strictly follow a schedule?Do you always remember where you last kept your items?Are you always helpful?Are you against procrastination?A high level of affirmative answers indicates a high level of conscientiousness. Individuals with low conscientiousness usually refer to conscientious individuals as obsessive and stubborn.Also, low conscientiousness may be regarded as spontaneity and flexibility.Additionally, conscientious individuals will instead give in than argue with you.ExtraversionExtraversion or Extroversion has to do with obtaining fulfillment from external interactions.As a result of this, extraverts enjoy conservations and may be talkative, gregarious, or assertive. If you are an extravert, you will notice that you are energized whenever you are in a large gathering, such as a political group, parties, and public demonstrations.Time spent alone for extraverts is less fulfilling and maybe draining for them, whereas they are energetic when they are with people.On the contrary, individuals who score low on the extraversion test are known as introverts and prefer to be on their own and are more interested in their mental well-being.Hence, they are more reflective and reserved as they tend to lose energy during interactions with others, whereas they are energized during sober reflections.Some self-evaluating questions include:Do you feel more comfortable around people?Are you a conversation starter?Have you always been the life of the party?Do you thrive as the center of attention?Are you quiet around strangers?Do you talk in large gatherings?More positive answers indicate that you an extravert, low defin ite answers points towards you being an introvert whereas, if you are in the middle, your answer brands you as an ambivert.Ambiverts enjoy solitary moments and still enjoy interacting with people and mildly enjoy social gatherings.Consequently, they change their behavior to suit their present situation; therefore, they could be extraverts with close friends and family while exhibiting introversion in the presence of strangers.AgreeablenessThis personality trait is majorly regarded as sympathetic, warm, kind, and cooperative.High scorers in this test are empathetic and considerate, whereas low scorers may be tilting towards selfishness as well as lack of empathy.If you have this personality trait, you will notice that you find fulfillment in volunteer work and helping others out without expecting anything in return.Additionally, compassion is your watchword, as you are trustworthy and even-tempered.Yes, you may be branded as passive or naïve; you still derive pleasure in being affec tionate toward people.Also, altruism is like second nature to agreeable individuals as they are selfless and generous.Some self-evaluation questions are:Do you sympathize readily with the feelings of others?Are you more interested in people than yourself?Have you noticed that you have a soft heart?Do you insult people?Are you concerned about people’s problems?Do you make people feel at ease?Are you fond of personalizing people’s problems?If you score low in this test, then you could pass as self-absorbed and challenging, also skeptical about the motives of people.As a result of this skepticism, you may be tagged as unfriendly, suspicious, or uncooperative.Agreeable individuals are usually good team players and supportive of a common goal.Also, Paul Sackett and Philip Walmsley believe that agreeableness and conscientiousness are personality traits that guarantee success in any organization.NeuroticismIndividuals with high neuroticism may be regarded as either emotionally unstable or emotionally stable because of their ability to express negative emotions like depression, anxiety, or anger. You may be prone and highly reactive to stress and also irritable when expressing feelings.The bout of emotions may last longer than usual, hence, keeping them in a foul mood more often than not.Additionally, they read meanings to ordinary situations and end up blowing things out of proportion, interpreting setbacks as hopelessly challenging to overcome.Usually seen as the pessimist among the five personalities, their attitude to work is almost always anxiety.Some self-assessment questions to answer are:Are you easily irritated?Do you always get upset?Do you have frequent mood swings?Are you prone to stress easily?Have you noticed that you are more anxious than others?Do you worry a lot?A low score on this test will mean a less reactive response to emotions as well as a lower rate of getting upset. They also exude a specific control over negative emotions, but this doesnt necessarily mean increased positive feelings.Additionally, decision making for people who score high in this test may be clouded as their emotions always drive them.Also, you are hardly satisfied with the results at your workplace. Source: Cairn.infoHow to Get Your Point Across to the Different PersonalitiesAdmittedly, different characters have different attitudes, hence, altered response to situations.Therefore, a stealthy approach is needed when communicating with any of the Big-Five.Thus, we have compiled some tips on how to get your points across to any.How to Get Your Point Across to Individuals with High Openness to ExperienceThese individuals are known to be creative and problem solvers. Therefore, you should employ a method to access their minds.Additionally, these individuals think outside the box; thus, you should apply vivid imaginative tools to get them to think about ideas that may appeal to them. Also, you should encourage innovative thinking and give these individuals room to express themselves.Also, open individuals are problem solvers and are always ready to show off their abilities. Therefore, you can talk about the puzzles or issues that are affecting a particular object.Ensure that you accur ately identify the problems and allow them to suggest possible solutions.How to Get Your Point Across to Conscientious IndividualsThese are great team players and display high self-discipline; therefore, they are assets to companies as well as relationships because they are goal-oriented.When getting your points across, ensure that you have thoroughly researched in advance; this is because these individuals are particular about preparedness.Additionally, back your points up with current data as well as the pros and cons of your suggestions as they pay attention to details.While assigning tasks to such individuals, be sure to give ample time as they may be a bit driven to perfection while delivering.Also, avoid sudden changes without giving the reason for your decisions.How to Get Your Point Across to ExtravertsExtraverts or Extroverts feed off positive energy expressed through communication with people.These individuals are more interested in social activities and positive energy; t herefore, try to keep the conversation upbeat to ensure a good working relationship.Also, let them know that the conversation was enjoyed to allow them to look forward to further communication.Give them ample time to talk.This cannot be overemphasized as it is not hidden that they enjoy talking.Listen more to them and try not to cut them short as they will reciprocate and give you enough time to share your thought, of course, when they are done.However, if you must cut them short, do it politely and ask for some time; this way, they will grant you the audience as they also love your opinion.Additionally, extraverts love the spotlight; therefore, try to involve them in tasks and also when you need creative ideas.When you give them enough time and space to shine, they will deliver to the maximum.How to Get Your Point Across to the Agreeable IndividualsAgreeable individuals are always willing to please and will go out of their way to do the right thing.However, this makes them a target for people who wish to use them. The best way to communicate with these individuals is to give them instructions and be more appreciative when they do what is required of them.Additionally, give them room to express their thoughts and share their ideas with you as they could also possess creative ideas.Try to avoid open confrontations as this will only make them take your advice and opinions and offer nothing as they try to avoid conflicts.Also, you can make these individuals team leads as they will deliver effective and try to be peaceful and make decisions that will favor everyone.How to Get Your Point Across to Individuals with High NeuroticismNeurotic individuals have emotions that are easily frayed; hence, they are very expressive, especially when they are under a lot of stress.One way to start communicating with them is, to begin with, reassurance, especially when they are stressed out, assure them that it is alright to fail, and make mistakes. Ensure that you avoid being jud gmental when they make mistakes.While communicating with them, when things become too heated up, you can suggest a time out for them; either they take a long walk or breathing exercises to calm their nerves.Also, try to avoid pressuring them, especially in a corporate setting, as this will only increase their emotional instability.FINAL THOUGHTSThe five personalities are all critical, especially in a corporate setting, as everyone has a role to play.You should try to understand these personalities and assign tasks accordingly. Ensure that every one of them is heard and allowed to express their thoughts freely.Additionally, the work environment or atmosphere significantly affects these personalities.An unstable work environment can make the highly open individuals lose their creativity, or the conscientious may lose the drive to achieve their goals. Intentionally study their personalities and give what they need.

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Domestic Violence in Immigrant Families Essay - 5608 Words

Uhunmwagho I. Angela 9563536 SOCW 357: Social Work, Law and Social Policy Assignment Three: Canadian Human Rights Report Topic – Violence against immigrant women in South Asian, African and Korean communities Instructor: Jane Birbeck March 21st, 2011 Annotated Bibliography: Violence against Immigrant Women in South Asian, African and Korean Communities An annotated bibliography Annotated Bibliography Introduction This paper analyzes the phenomenon of violence against immigrant women, specifically within South Asian, African and Korean communities in North America. The paper will examine factors that arise from the process of immigration for these cultural groups that pose as barriers to immigrant families†¦show more content†¦Agnew finally expands on the concept of patriarchal values and practices among immigrant families. Economic status, dependent immigrant status, the desire to keep the family together, personal security, changing gender roles are all common factors that stem from existing patriarchal structures which contribute to violence against immigrant women. Changing gender roles seem to be very difficult for men who feel disempowered, and as they perceive that their authority as head of households are weakening, they may resort to violence to regain some power. I believe cultural difference between service providers and immigrant families is a major barrier; therefore, there should be more diversity of staff in government organizations and more opportunities for cultural training of health care providers to deliver more culturally-sensitive health services to immigrant women that are congruent to their own traditional beliefs. This could help to reduce language barriers and prevent further racist treatment for immigrant women. One limitation of this study is the small number of visible-minority immigrants in Halifax. 2. Dasgupta, S. D. (2007). Body evidence: Intimate violence against South Asian women in America. New Jersey: Rutgers University Press. In the thirteen chapter of this book, DasguptaShow MoreRelatedVives-Cases, Et Al. (2010) Reviewed Ipv Among Immigrant890 Words   |  4 PagesVives-Cases, et al. (2010) reviewed IPV among immigrant and non-immigrant women and they reported high cases of IPV in older, divorced, low educated people, poor social support immigrant women compared to retired, students or unemployed. IPV reported 23.1% of immigrant compared to 14.5% of non-immigrant. Kulwicki, et al. (2010) describes the barriers used by Arab Immigrant women for domestic violence indicated that 25% of women beaten by their spouses, 18.4% were kicked by them, 7% of women reportedRead MoreDomestic Violence And Immigrant Women1274 Words   |  6 PagesThe student documentary video regarding domestic violence and immigrant women highlighted a significant health and a human right problem all over the world. Violence is defined by the World Health Organization as the intentional use of physical force or power, threatened or actual, against oneself, another person, or against a group or community, which either results in or has a high likelihood of resulting in injury, death, psychological harm, male-development, or deprivation† (WHO 2002:4). AccordingRead MoreEffects Of Cultural Barriers On Reporting1166 Words   |  5 Pagesencourage a wife’s duty to her family and reinforce her submissive role in the relationship. The Latino cultural ideal of familis mo decreases the likelihood that a Latina women will report instances of IPV, because the tradition teaches women to place the needs of their children and family over their needs as an individual. Latina women suffering domestic violence abuse can end up feeling as though they have to choose between protecting themselves and keeping their family together. Explaining why sheRead MoreThe Connection Between Culture And Violent Behavior1360 Words   |  6 PagesUnit 8 DB 1 Introduction Women all over the world tend to fall victims to domestic violence especially women from other cultures who now find themselves in a world where domestic violence is not ever excepted as the norm. This can cause issues with in the family unit, especially if the women, or girls decide to conform to the American ways. Some cultures allow for their women to be beaten, stone, or raped and the women are at a lost, because there is no help, but by reading the below articles oneRead MoreIs The Policy Workable?816 Words   |  4 Pagesand prevent domestic violence, sexual assault, and rape. VAWA (2013) will continue to fund culturally and linguistically relevant services. The reauthorization of VAWA will also improve protections for immigrant survivors by strengthening the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act of 2005, provisions for U Visa’s and Self –petitions (Civic Impulse, 2015). According to Modi, Palmer, and Armstrong (2014) after the establishment of the original VAWA, the rate of domestic violence towards womenRead MoreDomestic Violence And Its Effects On Asian Women Essay1383 Words   |  6 PagesDomestic Violence is the most common form of violence in the world. Especially in the Asian communities in America has gone unnoticed largely because the social stigma of admitting such information, even to close friends, is profound. Today I would be focusing on its impact on Asian women in United States. These women are mostly immigrants who often face abuse however don’t escape it and often fail to report the abuse. The problem is known to have two sides, cultural and legal. The patriarchal cultureRead MoreDomestic Violence Against Immigrant And Refugee Women1050 Words   |  5 Pages4. How can Canada protect and welcome refugees and newcomers? How can domestic violence against immigrant and refugee women be prevented? Some of the ways Canada can protect and welcome and protect refugees by; Making the status in Canada secure- This means that Canada should make permanent residency open to all including migrant workers. They should not restrict the Permanent Residency to only those coming for high wage jobs. There should be a legislation and enforcement to protect them effectivelyRead MoreWhat Is Domestic Violence?992 Words   |  4 Pageswealthy immigrants due to the requirements of English language and to have strong work and education credentials. So with the majority of South Asian immigrants that are coming to Canada coming as economic immigrants, most are coming from areas where they had a lot of power due to their social location and subject position. Although their social location does not change, their subject position changes drastically as they enter Canadian society. This is where we see poverty lead to domestic violenceRead MoreDomestic Violence in the United States1516 Words   |  7 PagesDomestic violence affects a large amount of relationships in the Un ited States each year. As the times have changed, abuse has become less accepted as a normal occurrence, and society has begun working together to provide awareness towards violence in intimate partner relationships. â€Å"Problems of family violence are potentially the most destructive in our society† (Kurland 23). Domestic violence is a problem that begins in the home, and spreads to affect the world around it. Violence is present inRead MoreA Response Letter By Cecilia Santos875 Words   |  4 Pageswomen s rights. This is key, because this is how it relates to the domestic violence section that we have focused on in class. Our readings not only looked at how women experience domestic abuse and the strategies they use to survive domestic abuse, but we also touch on how immigrant woman experience domestic violence. In one of these readings we touched on how a lot of different culture do not view certain actions as domestic abuse and if anything encourage you to be subordin ate to your husband

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Euthanasia Persuasive Essay - 1577 Words

Sometimes Life Gets Tough Alexus Hughes 5/18/12 Honors Biology 3rd hour Throughout the history of the entire world, things have constantly been changing. Societies have been created and flourished, humans evolved, new technologies have been created, and new theories discovered. However, with so many advancements in the human world, there are some things that cannot be stopped from happening or change. Organisms can get an illness at any moment in their lives from many different causes. Some illnesses cannot be cured, can cause unbearable symptoms or pain, and can cause you to lose your life, such as cancer. If a person is terminally ill, their illness will be the cause of their death no matter how much treatment is received.†¦show more content†¦One of the only places on Earth to legalize physician-assisted suicide is the state of Oregon with a Death with Dignity Act. However, Oregon residents have a peace of mind knowing that if it came down to needing physician-assisted death, they would have it available (Dick and Lindsey). For docto rs, a main concern with euthanasia or physician-assisted suicide (PAS) is the Hippocratic Oath taken in medical school, which says to do no harm (Rogatz). However, disconnecting a ventilator is not seen as murder when the physician does it but prescribing medication that the patient chooses to request and then take is considered harm and murder. Also today, the Hippocratic Oath in its original form is only issued in one medical school in the country. It is argued that patients requesting help with hastening death come mostly from those who have not been treated or diagnosed properly (Asch). â€Å"There is a growing awareness that loss of dignity and of those attributes that we associate particularly with being human are the factors that most commonly reduce patients to a state of unrelieved misery and desperation,† (Rogatz). It would be to the doctor’s discretion and expertise to diagnose and treat the patient to the best of their ability, and the patient could seek as sistance from another doctor if looking for moreShow MoreRelatedEuthanasia Persuasive Essay1064 Words   |  5 PagesAn Avoidable Loss Death by choice or euthanasia is a very controversial subject that is typically one-sided. The very concept of death alone is somewhat a taboo, but controlling death itself is another monster. Death by choice or â€Å"euthanasia† should not be legalized because it promotes defeatism, may lead to the strict procedures to become more accessible to people with non-fatal illnesses, could legitimize murder, or pressure the elderly. When an unfortunate illness befalls, people have a tendencyRead MorePersuasive Essay Pro Euthanasia954 Words   |  4 PagesGrace (JiEun) Lee AP Language and composition Persuasive essay 6 October 2017 Euthanasia legalization The ultimate value of life depends upon awareness and the power of contemplation rather than upon mere survival. Aristotle Being one of the most fervid and controversial topic of all, euthanasia, also known as physician-assisted suicide, has initiated a very sensitive discussion on life and death under one’s ability to choose either side. Euthanasia is defined as a â€Å"the act or practice of killingRead MorePersuasive Essay on Euthanasia963 Words   |  4 PagesEuthanasia - The Right to Decide The definition of euthanasia from the Oxford Dictionary is: â€Å"The painless killing of a patient suffering from an incurable and painful disease or is in an incurable coma.† Consider the words â€Å"suffering,† â€Å"painful,† â€Å"irreversible† and â€Å"incurable.† These words describe a patients terrible conditions and prospects. Euthanasia is known as â€Å"mercy killing† for a reason, it is the most, humane, moral and logical form of treatment available to patients that have no hopeRead MorePersuasive Essay On Euthanasia811 Words   |  4 PagesEuthanasia In present society Euthanasia is a very controversial topic and must be addressed carefully and thoughtfully out of the respect of others. It is a topic that for those who are undecided on what side to pick really do not know which way to swing until it impacts their life. Euthanasia roughly translates into â€Å"a good death†, so for those who chose to end their life by their own decision, and without them having to deal with pain or the inevitable long incurable diseases, thenRead MorePersuasive Essay On Euthanasia973 Words   |  4 PagesEuthanasia, more commonly known as mercy killing, is the action of killing someone in order to end their suffering. This is a way for patients with terminal illnesses to die a peaceful death rather than a painful one; however, it is illegal throughout most of the United States. People have debated for many years whether or not Euthanasia in people should be legal. In the Bible, Exodus 20:13 states that â€Å"Thou shalt not kill.† This verse brings people to believe that mercy killing is an act of defianceRead MorePersuasive Essay Euthanasia1446 Words   |  6 PagesEuthanasia: A Legal Murder According the Merriam-Webster dictionary, Euthanasia is â€Å"the act or practice of killing or permitting the death of hopelessly sick or injured individuals (such as persons or domestic animals) in a relatively painless way for reasons of mercy. This procedure seems appealing to the many people around the world who suffer from terminal illnesses. In the minds of these people euthanasia or doctor-assisted suicide seems like the only escape. As stated in a journal, â€Å"My friendRead MorePersuasive Essay On Euthanasia1430 Words   |  6 Pageswould that answer change if you were suffering? Euthanasia, also known as â€Å"good death,† is the act of putting a living thing to death painlessly or allowing them to die by withholding extreme medical practices, such as withholding food. Then there is involuntary euthanasia: â€Å"a competent person’s life is brought to an end despite an explicit rejection of euthanasia† as stated by Robert Young, the author of Med ically Assisted Death. In the case of euthanasia, many people will argue that it is murder, butRead MorePersuasive Essay On Euthanasia737 Words   |  3 Pageswith no hope of ever leaving their hospital bed, death may seem like a blessing. Euthanasia is the practise of intentionally ending a life to relieve pain or suffering, a practise which is yet to be legalised in too many countries for being seen as illegal and immoral-which is ridiculous. A terminally ill patient or those suffering from deteriorating progressive conditions should always have the option of euthanasia. If possible, everyone would choose a quick and dignified death when the time comesRead MorePersuasive Essay On Euthanasia730 Words   |  3 Pages Euthanasia is sometimes referred to a â€Å"mercy killing.† This controversial topic has been debated for decades. Some argue that euthanasia causes more harm than good, and with modern medicine it is simply unnecessary. Others argue that it is an act of mercy sparing a suffering individual from days, weeks, or months of unnecessary pain and anguish. However, there are moral and ethical questions surrounding euthanasia. It could be argued that killing of any kind is murder. No matter the situation orRead MoreFor Euthanasia Persuasive Essay1663 Words   |  7 Pagespain and suffering. Euthanasia is a word that most people avoid because it is very controversial. But why? Euthanasia is a way of ending the prolonging of suffering, while leaving life in peace. Euthanasia is derived from the Greeks where Eu means good and Thanatos means death. When these phrases are combined the word euthanasia is created; meaning â€Å"good death† (6.) There are three types of euthana sia although only two are authentic forms. The first type is active euthanasia. It is described as

Science Teaching Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow Free Essays

Science Teaching: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow Science instruction can take on many forms. From the lecture hall, to the laboratory there are a variety of ways science can be taught. This essay explores the historical events and changes that have effected science education and made it what it is today and where it may be heading in the future. We will write a custom essay sample on Science Teaching: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow or any similar topic only for you Order Now (Martin, 2009) Science education was created to share scientific data and events with students who are not part of the scientific community but benefit from scientific understanding. It is a way to make students scientifically literate about general concepts that pertain to scientific discovery. Elementary science education usually includes the subject areas of physical, life, earth, and space sciences. (Martin, 2009) The early days of science education began in the United Kingdom near the end of the 19th Century. Decades later the push for science education reached the United States. In the US science was taught in a somewhat disorganized manner until it was standardized in 1890. Following standardization, science curriculum slowly evolved without a great deal of mainstream excitement and focus until the 1950’s with the dawn of the space age. After the Soviet Union’s Sputnik program successfully launched several objects into space the United States became painfully aware that they were behind in science technology. From this point on in true American fashion the desire to compete on the world stage became the driving force for scientific discovery, specifically a race into space. This awareness that the United States had some catching up to do in order to rival the advances of other countries inspired support for higher quality science programs in classrooms across America in hopes that a crop of science- minded students would emerge. Martin, 2009) With the new focus on science education came billions of dollars to fund it. Educators were given the materials to teach ever-changing scientific concepts as well as the tools to provide a hands-on experience to students in the form of laboratories and field studies. Because discovery was changing at a rapid pace, science curriculum during this time was based on concrete scientific theory rather than the latest discoveries. The main goal was for students to gain a general understanding of science and to inspire students to become inquisitive and scientifically minded. Martin, 2009) Science teachers of the past and present share a common responsibility. They must convey a positive attitude about the subject of science to their students. Science teachers must present materials in and interesting, factual and creative way. They must engage their students in hands-on experiences. Teachers must give students the sense that they are able to gain an understanding of the world of science and build upon it to add to their knowledge. Teachers must make scientific understanding obtainable for students, sparking future inquisition and research. Martin, 2009) The ability for students to understand general sciences and beyond is a necessity. In the modern world, students will be required to use scientific information as they make choices on a daily basis. Also, students who are scientifically literate benefit from their ability to discuss, in an informed manner, many of the scientifically based issues the world community faces. Additionally, students will use scientific literacy in an ever-demanding workplace environment where they will be required to think creatively, solve problems, reason, and make decisions. National Academies Press, 1996) The science curriculum of today is moving in the direction of making students of the Unites States competitive on a worldwide stage. With technology changing at an extremely rapid pace it is essential that American science education prepare students to stay on pace with advances as well as forge new paths in the science of technology. Also, the sciences that focus on the natural Earth have taken center stage as the world addresses issues like global warming, and the availability of natural resources. In an article that promotes the new National Science Education Standards it is proposed that new American standards â€Å"will require major changes in much of this country’s science education. The Standards rest on the premise that science is an active process. Learning science is something that students do, not something that is done to them. †Hands-on† activities, while essential, are not enough. Students must have â€Å"minds-on† experiences as well. † (National Academies Press, 1996) Today’s science curriculum should continue on their current path and focus on technological science and physical science. Although the space sciences are still fascinating, given the current needs for the United States to lead the world community in other areas it important that the most relevant sciences receive the most focus. References Martin, D. J. (2009). Elementary science methods: A constructivist approach (5th ed. ). Belmont, CA: Thomson Wadsworth. National Academies Press. (1996). National science education standards: An overview. http://www. nap. edu/openbook. php? record_id=4962page=1 How to cite Science Teaching: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow, Papers

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Microwaves Essays (1404 words) - Electromagnetic Spectrum, Wireless

Microwaves You might remember the heroic role that newly-invented radar played in the Second World War. People hailed it then as "Our Miracle Ally". But even in its earliest years, as it was helping win the war, radar proved to be more than an expert enemy locator. Radar technicians, doodling away in their idle moments, found that they could focus a radar beam on a marshmallow and toast it. They also popped popcorn with it. Such was the beginning of microwave cooking. The very same energy that warned the British of the German Luftwaffe invasion and that policemen employ to pinch speeding motorists, is what many of us now have in our kitchens. It's the same as what carries long distance phone calls and cablevision. Hitler's army had its own version of radar, using radio waves. But the trouble with radio waves is that their long wavelength requires a large, cumbersome antenna to focus them into a narrow radar beam. The British showed that microwaves, with their short wavelength, could be focussed ina narrow beam with an antenna many times smaller. This enabled them to make more effective use of radar since an antenna could be carried on aircraft, ships and mobile ground stations. This characteristic of microwaves, the efficiency with which they are concentrated in a narrow beam, is one reason why they can be used in cooking. You can produce a high-powered microwave beam in a small oven, but you can't do the same with radio waves, which are simply too long. Microwaves and their Use The idea of cooking with radiation may seem like a fairly new one, but in fact it reaches back thousands of years. Ever since mastering fire, man has cooked with infrared radiation, a close kin of the microwave. Infrared rays are what give you that warm glow when you put your hand near a room radiator or a hotplate or a campfire. Infrared rays, flowing from the sun and striking the atmosphere, make the Earth warm and habitable. In a conventional gas or electric oven, infrared waves pour off the hot elements or burners and are converted to heat when they strike air inside and the food. Microwaves and infrared rays are related in that both are forms of electromagnetic energy. Both consist of electric and magnetic fields that rise and fall like waves on an ocean. Silently, invisibly and at the speed of light, they travel through space and matter. There are many forms of electromagnetic energy (see diagram). Ordinary light from the sun is one, and the only one you can actually see. X-rays are another. Each kind, moving at a separate wavelength, has a unique effect on any matter it touches. When you lie out in the summer sun, for example, it's the infrared rays that bring warmth, but ultraviolet radiation that tans your skin. If the Earth's protective atmosphere weren't there, intense cosmic radiation from space would kill you. So why do microwaves cook faster than infrared rays? Well, suppose you're roasting a chicken in a radar range. What happens is t hat when you switch on the microwaves, they're absorbed only by water molecules in the chicken. Water is what chemists call a polar molecule. It has a slightly positive charge at one end and a slightly negative charge at the opposite end. This peculiar orientation provides a sort of handle for the microwaves to grab onto. The microwaves agitate the water molecules billions of times a second, and this rapid movement generates heat and cooks the food. Since microwaves agitate only water molecules, they pass through all other molecules and penetrate deep into the chicken. They reach right inside the food. Ordinary ovens, by contrast, fail to have the same penetrating power because their infrared waves agitate all molecules. Most of the infarred radiation is spent heating the air inside the oven, and any remaining rays are absorbed by the outer layer of the chicken. Food cooks in an ordinary oven as the heat from the air and the outer layer of the food slowly seeps down to the inner layers. In short, oven microwaves cook the outside of the chicken at the same time as they cook the